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To return items, to report damaged or missing items, or to resolve any other question about your order, call Customer Support ». Please note that when returning garments, we can only accept unopened packages except in the case of a product defect.

Signing In with an LDS Account

New Customers

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When you create an account you'll enjoy many benefits that will make shopping easier such as:

  • Billing and shipping address saved on file
  • Record of previous online purchases
  • Shopping cart that allows you to save items for 30 days
  • Ability to view and purchase items based on your role and responsibilities

Note: Credit cards are NOT saved on file.

What is an LDS Account?

LDS Account is the main sign-in account for, mobile applications, email subscriptions, and many other Church resources.

Do I have to have an LDS Account to buy items from this Web site?

No. But you will need to have an account in order to see and purchase some items, such as sacred clothing and unit administrative items.

Garments and Sacred Clothing

Membership Verification

To protect the sacred nature of garments and ceremonial clothing, those purchasing them must be endowed members of the Church. Garment purchases require that you have an LDS Account.

If you have not yet received your endowment, an endowed member with an LDS Account may enter his or her information for authorization and we will still be able to bill and ship the order to you. If you have questions, please call Customer Support.

Clothing Discounts

A discount is available on certain items for those purchasing temple clothing for the first time and for first-time temple workers. The discount is only available on purchases made by phone or at a retail store and does not include garments. Please contact Customer Support for program details.

Garment and Ceremonial Clothing Sizes and Fit

Sizing charts and tips for a good fit are available for the following:

Garment Returns Policy

To return garments, call Customer Support.

Please note that only garments in unopened packages can be returned except in the case of a product defect. If you are unsure of your size, test the fit with one item before opening others.

White Temple Clothing Sizing

Sizing charts are available for the following:

Fabric Descriptions and Care

The garment fabric you choose will be a major factor in your comfort. We use a range of fabrics to meet varied needs and preferences. Each fabric has characteristics and properties that make it worthwhile. Although the fabrics are varied, the authorized patterns are carefully adapted so that standard sizing applies in all fabrics. Not all fabrics are available in all countries. Here is an overview of the garment fabrics available:

Special Needs Garments

Some members have a need for garments that meet particular needs. Some surgical procedures such as mastectomies or colostomies may make standard garments uncomfortable or unworkable. Garments adapted to these needs are available through special order.

Special orders are also available for members who are unable to obtain correct sizing in standard garments or who have workplace requirements.

If you have a sizing concern, a medical need, or a special requirement at your workplace please call Customer Support and discuss your situation with a support representative. They will assist you in finding a garment to serve your needs or help you place a special order. All special orders for garments must be placed in quantities of two and must be prepaid. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Bed-care Garments

The bed-care garment is designed to facilitate giving medical care to an endowed member who is terminally ill or bedridden for an extended period because of illness or injury.

A member’s bishop or branch president determines the need for and authorizes a bed-care garment. A letter on official unit stationery and signed by the bishop or branch president of the person who will wear the garment is required to purchase or order a bed-care garment. A bishop or branch president may purchase bed-care garments from a Distribution store for a member of his ward or branch. In emergency situations employees in Distribution stores may contact the bishop or branch president for a verbal approval.

Standard bed-care garments open down the back and have tie closures, similar to a hospital gown. They are available in DriSilque or 100% cotton jersey and in sizes small, large, and 2XL. The sizing and styling are not gender specific and can be worn by men or women.

Bed-care garments may be special ordered. The following options are available and must be specified:

  • Opening: Back, front, or either side.
  • Closure: Ties, snaps, or Velcro (not recommended because it catches and snags other clothing in the laundry).
  • Fabric: Any current garment fabric.
  • Size: Order the customer's usual garment size. Include height and weight so marks are placed appropriately.

Bed-care garments need to be destroyed when no longer required by the member who wore them.

Frequently Asked Clothing Questions

Q. Where should I go with questions about garments and other sacred clothing?
A. All questions about wearing sacred clothing should be directed to your local priesthood leader or to a member of a temple presidency.
Q. How do I dispose of garments and other sacred clothing that are worn out?
A. All questions about the disposal of sacred clothing should be directed to your local priesthood leader or to a member of a temple presidency.
Q. What information do I need to provide in order to purchase garments?
A. You must be endowed or have a signed and activated temple recommend to receive your endowment before you may purchase garments. Your LDS Account will verify this information and permit you to purchase garments.
Q. What information do I need to provide in order to purchase ceremonial clothing?
A. You must have a signed and activated temple recommend before you may purchase ceremonial clothing. Your LDS Account will verify this information and permit you to purchase ceremonial clothing.
Q. Can I buy garments or ceremonial clothing for someone else?
A. Yes. If you are endowed and you have an LDS Account you may purchase clothing for another endowed member.
Q. Can I help another member buy garments or ceremonial clothing?
A. Yes. Use the LDS Account of the person for whom the clothing is purchased as you teach him or her how to order.
Q. Do I need to have a recommend to buy white clothing?
A. You do not need a recommend to purchase dresses, slips, footwear, trousers, jackets, shirts, or ties. You must be endowed or have a signed and activated temple recommend to receive your endowment before you may purchase garments or ceremonial clothing.
Q. I am in the military and I need a colored shirt other than the sand color; what can I do?
A. Beehive Clothing produces garments in the Desert Sand color only. Individuals requiring a color other than the Desert Sand color should purchase appropriately colored T-shirts from military clothing stores and send them to Distribution Services to be marked.

T-shirts sent to be marked must meet the following requirements:

  • Military insignia such as name and branch of service are allowed. No other logos are allowed.
  • T-shirts with pockets are not allowed.
  • Marks will be either sewn or silk screened, depending on the shirt. The customer cannot specify the method of marking.
  • Only endowed members of the Church may order marks in military garments. They will need to provide date of birth and membership record number (available on temple recommend or from ward clerk) for the order to be approved.

    Items to be marked cost USD $1.50 per piece.

    Customers should send shirts to:

    Salt Lake Distribution Center
    Department M
    1999 West 1700 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104

    If you have further questions, please call 1-800-537-5971.

Q. Is there a women's military garment?
A. There is not a women's military garment. Women can wear the same military garments as the men. Servicewomen may special order women's garment bottoms in the military fabric.
Q. Can I purchase military garments even though I am not in the military?
A. Colored garments are available only for active duty military service members, law enforcement officers, and firefighters; no other employment-related use of nonwhite garments has been authorized by the First Presidency.

Give Feedback About Garments

Give Feedback About Garments

Annual Church Materials Orders

To place an annual church materials order for your ward, branch, seminary, or institute, go to the Unit Materials category. There you will find additional information under "Stake/Ward" or "Seminary and Institute Teacher and Administration," depending on your role. (If you have not yet signed in, you will be asked to do so.)

Item Availability

Item availability is displayed on the product page beneath the order quantity. You may order items on back order if you are using a credit card or are a unit leader billing to your ward or branch, but the items will not ship until they come in stock. You will not be charged for items on back order until they ship. For other payment types, please wait until the items become available.

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